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Quartermaine ‘Q’ & Rita ‘DJ Reets’

From Brooklyn New York, Q spent most of his early childhood in his father's record store - The Original Love People.  In 1996, Q relocated to the DMV to attend the University of Maryland - College Park and has lived in the local area since. Known to all for his many hats including - producer, radio host, promoter, and DJ. He is Quartermaine, Supa Qool DJ Uncle Q, 1/3 of the group “Critically Acclaimed”, and responsible for one of the most memorable gathering spots of the 2000’s “Uncle Q’s Living Room” at Blue Room in Washington DC.

Rita grew up in Takoma Park, MD. Raised in a large family, gatherings were frequent and full of love and laughter. Her father threw “LP” parties, where friends and family brought their favorite records to dance all through day into the night. Young Rita often would control the musical selections, immediately drawn to both turntable and records. The spark ignited. A DJ was born! Building on those early experiences, Rita would later share her passion for spinning music throughout Washington, D.C.’s prime party centers - U Street and H Street. 

Q and Rita’s love of music drew them together.  In early 2020, as baby #2 was expected, they began to consider “retiring” from nightlife careers and started to settle down. Then, the pandemic struck. In many ways, they had to rethink their passions and priorities as the world seemed to come to a pause. After a year and a half of working remotely in IT, schooling a toddler, and growing a newborn, they adjusted to a new normal. Suddenly, in September 2021, a chance opportunity arose to build what previously was a dream... They always discussed owning a record store. Q & Rita had to seize the moment.

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